Monday, September 23, 2013

Sept 27, 2013 - 1st Week & District Leader

The first, quick, short, email we got from Elder Hanks was the day after he arrived in the MTC. 
"I'm doing great! The first moment I walked into class my teachers started speaking chinese like none other! Because of my background (taking chinese in high school) I knew a fair amount of what he was telling and asking us to do. My companion is awesome!!!! He is cool and is easy to talk to. 
I have been able to meet up with plenty of people from school so I'm feeling pretty welcomed here. " 

The first true email arrived today (Monday) from Elder Hanks first week in the MTC! Here's a few exerpts from his email:

"So on with the good stuff. It is so hard! Hunter & Max you may want to learn a different language because I've realized how unromantic Mandarin Chinese really is! It just sounds like you  are sleep talking. Yeah, true story. 
My companion is from Syracuse, UT and we have a ton in common and we love what we do. But it is still hard. I've never done anything so hard. The language is hard. I have been having a really hard time learning the language lately. At the beginning I was excelling like crazy and then it just stopped....hopefully it will start to flow over the next few weeks.

We taught our first and second lesson this last week. It was a nightmare! We have to say it all in chinese and we don't know any chinese. So he will just sit there looking at us with those piercing, scary, blue eyes while we fumble through books trying to find the right word, phrase or tone. It's insane. But I could tell from our second lesson that we got better so I have a growing confidence that we will continue to get better. 

So on day two, I got called as District Leader! AHHHHH! I'm so stressed. I'm the leader of the only district who has been here for less than a week. All the other districts in our zone have been here for 6 weeks and they will all leave in 3 weeks and we'll then be the "veterans" for the new missionaries.

Last thing, I went through the Provo temple, I felt the Spirit so strong. It was incredible."

Elder Hanks' District

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